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21 Mar 2019


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Size: 22.1 GB

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Platform: Windows (All Versions)

Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 02 Apr 2013

Stop motion animations are easy to create and the results can be quite interesting. Another reason to create a stop motion animation is the fact it does not require expensive equipment. A digital camera is sufficient for taking the snapshots that are needed for the animation. When it comes to creating a stop motion animation, AnimaShooter Pioneer can make everything much easier, from taking the snapshots to exporting the animation itself. The program allows you to take pictures with EOS Cannon cameras, DV cameras and webcams and it provides the means of uniting the snapshots into an animation.

The program works on all modern Windows platforms. Its setup file is almost 40 MB, which may take some time to download, especially with slower Internet connections. The hardware requirements are not modest, but they should not be a challenge for a modern day computer. If you intend to use this program, you will need a processor with a frequency of at least 1.6 GHz and 1 GB of RAM.

The application's interface presents a large number of options, but they are organized in a logical manner, so it should not take long to figure out how to use the software's controls. You can take snapshots with a connected camera, adjust the animation's timing and preview the output video, on separate tabs. If a webcam, EOS Cannon camera or a DV camera is connected to your computer, you may click the Connect button, located in the upper right area of the interface, on the Capture tab, and the software will display its feed in the central region of the window.

After connecting to a capturing device, you can make a series of input settings, like changing the resolution, scaling or rotating the image and more. You can take snapshots manually, by hitting a Capture button, but you can also start a time-lapse recording. The software can be set to take one or more pictures every minute, hour, day or week. When these settings are complete, you must click a Start button. The elapsed time is represented by a progress bar, so you will know when the program will take the next picture.

Captured images are listed horizontally, in chronological order, in the lower region of the interface. You can select individual images and duplicate them, flip or move them and perform other basic actions. It is also possible to import images or a sequence of images from local folders or create blank frames. You can select one or more frames, on the Timing tab, to include them in your animation, you can also view and modify the exposure for each frame, make a series of output settings and export the animation. When everything is in order, you may click the Encode button, on the right side of the interface, to render your project. After encoding the animation, you can view it on the Video tab. It is also possible to generate an exposure sheet for your project, print it or save it as a PDF document.


The software allows you to capture images with a webcam, an EOS Cannon camera or a DV camera. You may capture manually, start a time-lapse recording or import existing images. You can make various input and output settings and export your animation as an AVI video file.


Meeting the minimum hardware requirements may not be sufficient to run the program smoothly. AnimaShooter Pioneer provides you with everything you need to create time-lapse recordings or stop motion animations like a professional.

AnimaShooter Pioneer


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